The Krewe of Heaux



The Krewe of Heaux is an organization that stages parades and balls during Mardi Gras season in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since the organization has such a rich history that dates all the way back to the days of slavery, many rumors have surrounded it – especially since many of its members have recently gone missing. Follow Alexis Rochon, the newest member to join the organization, as she finds out exactly what The Krewe of Heaux is really about.

Never Satisfied

Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, Never Satisfied is a story about envy and how it possesses the power to demolish anything standing in its path once one becomes consumed by it. Twenty-two-year-old Jasmine learns this lesson the hard way once her covetousness for the lavish lifestyle of her best friend, Kyrielle, spirals out of control. With Jasmine’s insatiable appetite for a life that isn’t her own, she won’t let anything – or anyone –  stop her from getting what she wants. However, just when Jasmine thinks she has reached the pinnacle of the status that she has underhandedly worked so hard to obtain, she finds out that nothing is what it seems and ends up tangled in a massive web of deceit that results in bloodshed.

Never Satisfied Too

While Kyrielle is busy setting her plan of becoming New Orleans’ queen pin in motion, Jasmine is making a plan of her own. After recovering from a tragic event, which caused Jasmine to lose her sanity momentarily, she realizes that it’s time to stop playing the victim and start getting even.  Never Satisfied Too has double the drama, double the action... and double the bloodshed!


“To me, these men are nothing but pawns. Sometimes a few pawns have to be sacrificed so the queen can stay protected” – Kyrielle.